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We help organizations get better cash flow, tax benefits, reduced administrative costs and a greater degree of autonomy in the design of the health care plan they provide.

If you ask any employer, they will tell you that health insurance is one of the costs that have a high impact on the bottom line - We help alleviate that.

Our mission: To help organizations reduce costs and increase the bottom line by creating customized plans that fit their current needs and future goals.

With $1 billion in insurance sold, 38 years of industry experience, and hundreds of quality A and A+ “Best” Insurance companies, it's no surprise that our clients and customers love us. We reduce that cost to help employers stay competitive in their own space. How much more competitive would your company be with a 25 to 40 percent reduction in your health care cost?

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Our Founder
"Our mission is to help groups change from traditional health insurance plans, to a more cost effective self-insured plan saving on average 25% to 40%."
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