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For 38 years Major Group Sales has helped our clients change their traditional insurance plans to self-insured plans, saving on average 25 to 40 percent. In every case we match your current coverage for a true apples to apples quote. The savings you realize will not sacrifice your benefits. Call us now to maximize your health care savings.

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$1 billion in insurance sold
38 years of experience
Group Medical, Life and Disability Plans

Major group sales use quality A and A+ best rated insurance companies and the nations leading third party administrators.

We have worked with some of America’s largest corporations changing traditional insurance
plans to self-funded plans, saving our clients millions of dollars.

Self-Funded vs. Traditional Insurance Plans
Self-funded insurance plansonly charge for the claims you incur, where a traditional insurance plan charges you for the maximum projected claims whether you incur them or not!
Why Self Insure
  • Huge savings typically 25 to 40 percent in the first year
  • Reduced Administrative cost
  • Maximum claims reinsured to reduce risk
  • Why pay for claims you didn't incur?
Bottom Line Benefits
Savings between 25 and 40 percent first year! What would that mean for your business?
Most people do not realize that with traditional insurance they are not just retaining risk they are paying for risks that may never be realized.

Our practice offers real, beneficial alternative options, for both employers and employees. Learn more about our Core Values and how they can help your company maximize plan benefits while minimizing associated immediate & long-term plan costs.

Our Founder
"Our mission is to help groups change from traditional health insurance plans, to a more cost effective self-insured plan saving on average 25% to 40%. "
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