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For 38 years Major Group Sales has helped our clients change their traditional health insurance plans to self-insured plans saving on average 25 to 40 percent. In every case we match your coverage for a true apples to apples quote. The savings you realize will not sacrifice your benefits. Call us now to maximize your health care savings!

Think about this: A traditional insurance plan charges you the maximum rates based of projected claims, but what happens if your claims are only 70% of the premium? The Insurance company profits! With a self funded plan you keep the money, because you're only charged for your incurred claims.

With our plan, we help the organization to create its own coverage based on its needs. In self-funded plans, there is greater flexibility in plan design and administration to maximize savings without sacrificing quality.

Self-Funded vs. Traditional Insurance Plans

Traditional Insurance Plan

Self-Funded Plan

Charges maximum rates based on projected claims

Only charges for claims incurred. Saving an average of 25% to 40%

Administrative fees can be as high as 40% of the total premium

Administrative fees are significantly lower, on average about 12% or lower

With traditional insurance plans, the insurance company will profit from wellness, fitness and nutrition programs designed to lower claims

Self-funded plans, you profit from wellness, fitness and nutrition programs put in place to lower claims

Insurance companies profit from inflated administration cost and the gap between the charged premium and actual claims. You pay for the projected maximum risk without the ability to save from lower actual claims

With self-funded plans you profit from:

  • Lower administrative cost
  • Significantly lower premium taxes
  • Only paying for actual claims


Contact Us For a Free Consultation of Your Group Benefits Plan: (888) 544-1117

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"Our mission is to help groups change from traditional health insurance plans, to a more cost effective self-insured plan saving on average 25% to 40%."
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